The band Funny Beans was founded in 2018. The band itself was preceded by a random meeting where we played new and unconventional songs for each of us. Our goal is to impress your auditory cells with songs that will be a fusion of multiple styles. In the future we also plan to include our own tracks in the repertoire. Now in our band plays Peter Hlavatý – guitar and vocal, Dušan Zapalač – mandolin and vocal, Jozef Žigmund (Koník) – double bass and vocal, Pavel Fellner – guitar, Daniel Brož – banjo and vocal, Michal Kováč – fiddle and vocal.



Peter Hlavatý

I come and live in Holíč with my wife Barbora and my sons Martin and Jan. I come from a musician’s family and the way of music has been somehow predestined. Of all the instruments I was approached by the guitar I’ve been playing since I was 11 years old. Since 14 years I started to play music actively. I played in different country bands and small swing-jazz-blues projects. From music I love funky, older Czechoslovak rap and gypsy jazz, but in the last few years I was enchanted by bluegrass. I use the Furch SM32 guitar from 2004 (Vintage Bluegrass) with L.R.Baggs and Elixir strings.


Dušan Zapalač

I come from Horná Poruba. I grew up with a tramp, where I met with country music. After time I started with guitar. As a 12 year old I started to play on the starter mandolin mark. Cremona. I started to listen bluegrass and I play it and listen to it still !!! My favorites: Bill Monroe, Stanley Bros. The Log (CZ) and many others. I play on the F5 mandolin by Krishod.


JoZef žigmund


I come from Prievidza, but I live in Trenčín. I got to Country & Bluegrass music thanks to horses, close which I grove up. Horses and the country music belong together and so I didn’t know how I had in my hands an old Spanish guitar. One day I borrow from my friends old double-bass and this has grown to my heart forever. I like a lot of music styles, for example rock, blues, jazz, swing or classic music. But bluegrass is my favorite one and in my heart. Last I was played in group Šidlo and The Bump trio. Now I am playing on double-bass in Funny Beans.

Pavel Fellner

„I dont know what I should write, I am terribly modest…“


Daniel Brož

I am from Polná – Jihlava. As like Duško I grew up with tramping and thanks to my dad in our house sounds country and bluegrass music. My father is still active musician. Maybe this is the reason why I like bluegrass the most. I played on piano for 10 years when I was a child. After I started play on guitar and bass guitar, from which I started play on banjo and I play on banjo till today. I was member of a lot of country and bluegrass bands, for example FOX, Blueskop or Horizont. Now I play in band Horizont and Funny Beans. I play on banjo Krishsot.



Michal Kováč

Like my friend says, I was born young in Žilina, in family with folklore fiddler and accordionist. Music was in my life since my childhood. I have been playing on fiddle from my six years, I tried folklore. In high school I played on guitar. When I was dancing in country group I found out the country music. In university my friends presented me music of Veslárov from Košice and I first time heard Mark O’Connor and more amazing fiddlers, so I started again play on fiddle. I played in a lot of brands around Slovakia (Košive, Zvolen, Bratislava, Trnava, Nová Dubnica, Žilina). I like music from Alison Krauss, Nickel Creek and much more. I like to play traditional. My fiddle made Branislav Kováčik from Martin and a string I use carbon, coda bow joule.